I create artwork which allows the participant to come to a new level of understanding and elicits an emotional reaction. My work can stand alone as a sculptural object but is not complete until someone touches and experiences it. I want the audience to become an integral component in my work by physically manipulating the pieces. After this experience, they will have a new perspective on how something else exists in the world.

Artists carry the burden of educating the public and creating awareness of social injustices and environmental issues. An image or performance can convey a specific point of view in a more poignant and concise way than scientific documentation in many cases. As an artist I seek to draw attention to circumstances that may not be widely known to the public at large. This is accomplished by creating a situation that casts some light into the situations that some populations must endure. Through my creative process, I want to call attention to these under-represented populations by creating artwork that gives a glimmer of insight into how others live.

I am interested in how the choices that I and other citizens of this country make in our regular routines affect the world. I seek to draw direct lines from our choices to actual outcomes that affect the surrounding environment and the people who live and work in these areas. As a maker, I think carefully about the objects I buy and how they were crafted. I want to encourage this mindset of inquiry in other members of society. Many people have become very removed from the items they purchase at the store or the electricity that runs their appliances.

I strive to create connections between people and the items or services they use by uncovering as many details as possible about the process. The goal for my art projects is to create a sense of empathy and understanding for how others live. By replicating some part of this life or condition, the viewers can reach a new level of awareness. This makes it important to create art that moves outside of the gallery walls and reaches more of the population that might never look at traditional artwork.

All of my work involves a physical relationship between the viewer/wearer/participant and a specific object or piece of artwork. I am extremely interested in human interactions and their relationships with other humans and objects. Both art and performances can convey ideas and emotions; I want to use these forms of communication to help people become more aware of their own feelings, attitudes and surroundings. This reinforces the importance of art as a social agent, which helps the public to expand its worldview, by allowing the viewers to see themselves inside of the artwork.